“Man is a Divine Beast

in which Visionary Genius

and Primordial Instinct

Merge Within the

Crucible of the Heart.

This is the Great Work.

This is the Alchemy of Man”

– Sol Sebastian –

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Genuine kudos from some of our clients...

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Doug Abrams

Best Selling Author, Founder & President of Idea Architects

"Sol is a gifted guide and gatekeeper who will show you the path to a deeper, wiser, and more alive masculinity.  He has studied the secrets of deep manhood from the masters and will reveal the treasure in your own heart."

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Seth Taube

CEO Financial Services

"Sol has no equivocation when it comes to delivering strong insights and direction. He clearly articulates complicated ideas in a simple way, which helped me to make these highly operational in my life."

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Alvin Tam

Former Cirque du Soleil Acrobat / Professional Filmmaker

"I've traveled the globe and Sol is one of the most influential people I've met - he is instrumental to my current state of happiness, professional success, and deepening of my spiritual self."

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Brad Telepo

Partner & Advisor - Boston Business Accelerator & Leadership Academy

"Sol’s unique ability is a powerful listing to what’s actually happening behind the words. I felt that Sol truly ‘saw’ into me and didn’t give up until I was able to take accountability for what I was creating"

What you'll learn in this Free Masterclass...

 Are you driven by your divinity or your delusions? Learn to understand the difference between a true vision and a false vision, or what I call true gold versus fool's gold.

 Just because you may be a Visionary genius, doesn't automatically make you a Creative genius. Learn what it takes to bridge the gap between the grandiosity of your vision, and the truth of your reality.

 True Grit doesn't come about by just toughening up or wishing it so. Learn the number 1 reason why we lack resilience and evade fully committing to our souls deepest mission.

 One of the most important factors for entrepreneurial success is the ability to inspire others to get onboard your mission. Learn what it takes to be the sort of visionary leader others want to follow.

 To be an Entrepreneur is a profoundly CREATIVE ACT. Learn the 6 Lenses by which you can understand this journey on a much deeper level and Unleash Your ENTREPRENEURIAL GENIUS.

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Sol Sebastian

Founder of Alchemy of Man - a sophisticated education platform, dedicated to the realization of men's true power and potential.

Since the late 90's Sol has been working closely with men in the field of Health, Sex, Longevity, Meditation, Martial Arts and a host of deep practices born from the East.  Later on he took a deep immersion to the fields of Transpersonal Psychology, Hermetic Sciences and Entrepreneurial Development.  For the past decade, Sol has had the privilege of working one-on-one with prominent global CEO’s and entrepreneurs, world-class gymnasts, artists, actors, and change makers from around the world.  His sole mission is to support every man to actualize his fullest potential with deep conviction and creative rapture.