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You are made of wires…

Human wires.

A deliciously complex bundle of nerves, neurons, meridians, veins, arteries and sinews.

When these wires get tangled, hydraulics get jammed, signals go offline, and the psyche gets split.

Disharmony is compounded as sexual voltage increases.

The system gets ‘sticky’ and the power, flow and enjoyment of sex becomes disturbed.

Our bodies natural rhythms are sabotaged by our anxieties, habits and neurosis.

Premature ejaculation, erectile disfunction, overheating, sexual anxiety, and impotency are natural outcomes to this.

As we scamper for devices, drugs, and addictions to counter this, we put ourselves even further out of balance…

…and sex is often the first thing we turn to.

Using sex purely to annihilate ourselves may give us temporal relief, but it doesn’t do much for our potency or endurance.

Nor does it allow us to enjoy the more cosmic, ground shaking aspects of deep lovemaking.

So how do we break this cycle?


Is that a yawn I hear?

The word isn’t exactly sexy I know.

A Zen monk staring at a wall, sexless and austere, isn’t going to appear on the front cover of Men’s Health magazine.

But before you trash this idea completely, or rush out for incense, buddha statues and mini waterfalls, know that there is a lot more to meditation than you think.

Every guy has the chance to access the profound benefits meditation provides.

Especially if he understands it’s connection to pleasure.

Whether sitting in full lotus surrounded by candles or sitting at a bus stop surrounded by old ladies, meditation is nothing more that the practice of insight.

This insight occurs when you become acutely aware of the frivolity of the mind and the renegade nature of all life’s assumptions.

True insight arrises in a state of quiescence, when the eternal moment eclipses our incessant inner dialogue.

Regular practice begins to accumulate a deep sense of presence.

– presence that follows you throughout your day,

– presence that effects your interactions with others.

– presence that has a profound effect on your bodies response to orgasm.

Unwieldy and uncontrolled reactions to high arousal can become smoother as you attune to the expansive nature of meditation.

This doesn’t mean that sexual pleasure becomes neutral or lifeless. In fact the opposite occurs.

Meditation + Sex = Profound Pleasure.

This doesn’t mean sitting like Buddha om’ing while some ravenous woman has her mad way with you.

It means that the cultivation of your mind and nervous system will greatly influence the way you respond to pleasure.

Pleasure that was once very localized begins to be felt throughout your entire body.

Pleasure that was once needy, desperate or frustrating becomes liberating to the psyche.

Rather than something to chase, pleasure becomes you. You become pleasure.

You awaken to the profound nature of what it is to be sexually connected with another.

You become her as she becomes you.

What was previously mundane becomes magical as vast territories and ecstatic landscapes become available to you.

If sex is a storm, the master stands in its eye.

If sex is an ocean, you become a world class surfer on 60ft waves of bliss.

This is Meditation.

I want you to have this.

I want you to demystify its nature and make it a part of your everyday experience.

I want you to have the skills and mastery so you can not only take your woman to new heights, but you can go there with her.

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Until then,

Be Good, Be Bad, Be Real,

Sol Sebastian


  1. Without this element, sex feels empty to me. Fun, but empty, as though who we really are isn’t included in the sweaty exchange of horny bodies. Delicious & empty. By brining all of me and witnessing all of my lover, suddenly a tiny gesture becomes a profoundly ecstatic invitation.

  2. Sol… I LOVE to hear your voice, loud and clear, making some badly needed sense of joining all of the human commotion into one vast experience of pleasure, alive in body and being. Thanks so much for being back on line and ministering to the world! And btw, Saida sent me! She rocked Great Barrington! But the women here want you next time, too! Our men need you!

  3. This might sound a little corny, but I am so glad you exist, Sol, with all this knowledge and wisdom, and I love your writing ability and well-chosen words and phrases. My partner of 15 years and I both meditate, and we believe the more we can get in touch with ourselves deeply, the more we will be able to come together at a deep, soulful level in the bedroom. This article has simply given me much more useful information and written in a way which puts clearly on paper things that my wife and I have been talking about but only in a very vague, disorganised, not very insightful way. Thanks for your insight, Sol, and we will keep on meditating in earnest!!!

  4. This is beautiful to read. I had my first experience of like – being at one with my own pleasure within my self.. redirecting energy and it was like.. I didnt need to go out myself.

    How amazing it is to feel that inside and know.. yes there are beautiful things outside and thats great, I accept that, but its already in me.

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