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Do you ever get so insanely horny that the furniture starts to look attractive? Has your libido become so intense that all reason and clear judgement has gone out the window? Like a bad little schoolboy, the infamous testosterone might be responsible for all sorts of aggressive behavior, fantasies and affairs. Yet, as the dreaded ‘Andropause’ sets in we suddenly begin to miss our old feisty friend and do what we can to feel the return of that aggressive rush. Both infamous and heroic, this [...]

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Many advice columns, talk shows and movies have been dedicated to this one mysterious question: ‘What do women really want when it comes to sex and intimacy.’ How much would you like to get your woman or fresh new date to unleash her most explicit, revealed and shameless sexuality? How much would you like to turn mundane sex into a revolution of the soul? To get what she wants, a woman will employ all sorts of games and strategies. But what is it that makes [...]

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Is it possible that a lack of skill could be the very reason why that perfect woman slipped through your hands—why she began to look so much happier since meeting that ‘other’ guy? Have you ever considered that a lack of skill in the bedroom can be the underlying reason why so many marriages break-up? Are you willing to open your mind to new ways of approaching sex, without feeling like your entire sexual identity is at stake? Many guys have a desperate need to [...]

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Recently I got a smashing comment from a brother who was responding to the post Who Owns Your Eyes. It was so revealed and universal I had to do a follow up, and so here it is… Mark writes… “I have a situation where I am married but have an incredibly lustful attraction for a friend of my wife’s. I am a monogamous person and have told my wife everything because I also believe in Radical Authenticity.  My wife is fine with it but I [...]

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Who OWNS your eyes? Where do your eyes go when a beautiful woman walks into the room? Are you just an everyday pervert, or are you just admiring beauty for beauty’s sake? What part of her body is ok to look at, where is off limits, and when does admiring become ‘gawking’? And who wrote the book on this in the first place? A scientific study once tracked the automated responses of the male eye and found that it takes approx .7 seconds to establish [...]

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